Our Company

The board of directors of Lotte Holding Co., Ltd. is composed of 4 internal directors and 5 external directors, with a total of 9 directors


Lotte's research and development core, "Lotte Central Research Institute" is responsible for the research and development of food produced by Lotte's food enterprises, and the safety testing of products purchased by Lotte's circulation enterprises.

More than 200 researchers are committed to the development of high-quality products. Through the operation of a safety center to ensure customer safety and reassure customers, they strictly manage the safety of processed food produced by Letian's enterprises and the food sold by circulation outlets.

Lotte Central Research Institute aims to develop into the best food research institute in the world, and makes efforts in many aspects, such as setting up research institutes overseas.

Lotte's future strategy center has made remarkable achievements in new business areas through economic outlook, industry analysis and market research at home and abroad.


Cooperative business

Lotte Group sees Africa as the next overseas revenue Market
Follow up through Lotte Nga and other manufacturing facilities
In the long run
The company plans to build factories in Africa, starting with chewing gum