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From the beginning of Rakuten fruit making, Rakuten has been actively striving to create a society of mutual love, respect for individuality and creativity, and common happiness. In terms of business, Rakuten has chosen its best field and strived to take the lead in the industry, especially in the core fields of Internet, food, retail, tourism, petrochemical, construction, finance and so on. Rakuten has ensured its global competitiveness and made continuous efforts to become "Asia's top ten multinational enterprises" in 2021.

Our Team

How to become the agent of LOTTE Nga?
With the development of the information age, it is no longer a dream to become an agent of LOTTE Nga with zero investment. Now just click ‘’Share’’ to invite friends to join LOTTE Nga, and you will automatically become an agent!

Why become the agent of LOTTE Nga?
LOTTE Nga implements a three-level team management model. Each agent can get a generous commission. The commission is drawn as a first-level agent 16%, a second-level agent 8%, and a third-level agent 4%

Does the agent commission arrive automatically?
Yes, for example, if your first-level agent A generates a purchase commission of 10,000 naira on the same day, you can get an agent commission of 1600 naira, and the agent commission will be automatically added to the user's account balance

What is the calculation formula of agency commission?
First-level agent gets commission×16%=agent commission
Second-level agent gets commission × 8% = agent commission
Third-level agents get commission × 4% = agent commission